Roberts Radio, a subsidiary of the Glen Dimplex Group, was founded in London in 1932. It soon reached iconic status as a maker of high quality radios, receiving two Royal Warrants which it still holds today.

Roberts Radio found itself struggling to maintain relevance in a rapidly changing industry. The audience for audio consumption had never been higher – yet the sale of standalone radios was in significant decline, driven by changing listening habits, new technologies, and a market flooded with cheap hardware. The imperative for change was clear. Roberts partnered with Method to define how the business should transform to connect more deeply with a wider audience.

We combined data science with traditional user observation to understand listening behaviors and needs. This information was combined with a global commercial market sizing study, framing customer archetypes that identify where, with what, and to whom we should be focussing our attention. This gave us a complete picture and the right evidence for the Roberts business to evolve their brand, product portfolio, and service proposition strategy.

Method created the foundation for Roberts to act confidently now and in the future, moving from a product engineering focus to a more user-centric mindset.


Business Design
Data Design
Portfolio Alignment
Research & Insights
Strategic Design

Data & design for archetype creation & market definition


We employed pioneering data design techniques, combining data science and design, to extract customer behavioral patterns through social media activity mining and analysis. This enabled us to fast-track and add scale to the research, building a richer and more accurate picture.

Coupled with a market value survey, we were able to rapidly anchor the synthesis and recommendations into commercial reality.

“The difference with Method is that it’s been a relationship, not just a transaction. The journey from beginning to now is incredible. It is all making sense.”

Janelle Kelly, Head of Customer Experience, Roberts Radio

The power of designing with actionable insights

The output helped the Roberts team refine opportunities for growth and positioning. Acting as a foundation and guide for every part of the business, the insights have informed product design, service and brand, as well as streamlining the product line, retail strategy, and digital communications.