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From strategic vision
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We use design thinking, data science and applied technology to find unique opportunities to grow your business – and then we make those opportunities real.

As part of the GlobalLogic group we have the support of 16,000 technologists, engineers and designers that can then scale and maintain your vision.

Make product and service strategy real

Get closer to your customers

Find opportunities
for growth

The Economist

Our Product Accelerator service helped The Economist launch new app features, build a product backlog, plus the means to scale the process beyond their Espresso app.

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Our Service & Product Innovation service helped Stellar define a new design language, launch a new app, and realize a market-differentiating system.

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Our Future Business Vision service was used in partnership with Hitachi to explore narratives centered around the role of trust, brought to life through speculative futures set in 2030.

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Our Digital Transformation service enabled Method & EVRY to co-found the Strategic Design Lab, developing strategy and innovation capabilities within EVRY, bolstering their initial public offering.

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Our Service & Product Innovation service helped the world’s largest restaurant chain transform and unify their omnichannel customer experience.

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Our client partners rely on us to deliver true value in times of change

News and updates

Quantifying Belief: How to Make Better Decisions

August 25

Putting your faith in statistics and modeling alone can be quite risky, as data-driven analytics and insights are very prone to “crimes” of malpractice and misuse. But an over-reliance on intuition can lead to suboptimal decision making. So how might we balance intuition and data to make better group decisions?
Article_Designing for resilience

Designing for Resilience

August 25

If something is fireproof, it won’t catch on fire. If it’s bulletproof, no bullets can penetrate. But “future-proof?” In business it’s used to convey the opposite: a product, service or business model guaranteed to be infinitely successful. At Method, we don’t guarantee the future. What we do is help organizations become “future-ready”.