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Ben & Jerry's

Partnering with Ben & Jerry’s to define and design a new online destination to bring their brand and values to life

  • Challenge

    Retire the past website and its disorganized, outdated structure to create a new online destination.

  • Solution

    Overhaul Ben & Jerry’s information architecture and content strategy, and create a scalable design system to support a seamless mobile-first experience.

A digital delight

  • The results

    The new experience goes beyond a typical e-commerce website to a platform that builds meaningful connections with fans and facilitates action to support causes championed by Ben & Jerry’s.

    It’s simple to create a passive content and commerce website, but providing an experience that creates authentic, genuine engagement with customers is truly impactful.

A new take on an iconic brand

A phased approach for fast results and long-term success

  • Overview

    Since its inception in 1978, Ben & Jerry’s has walked the tightrope of commerce and care, blending their products and social mission. Their last redesign took place in 2012, and they were in need of a new digital experience that showcased who they are today. They needed a site that could highlight their evolved values and energize fans with their delectable new product offerings.


    Method worked with Ben & Jerry’s to completely overhaul their information architecture and content strategy, as well as create a scalable design system that would support a mobile-first experience across the customer journey.


    The work helped to deliver a modern take on an iconic brand that invests as much in its values as it does in developing cult-classic ice creams and treats.

  • Information Architecture & Content Strategy

    Unraveling a site over 10 years old is a challenge. Outdated content, broken components, and strange bugs are just a few of the obstacles to overcome. Ben & Jerry’s needed a clean slate and a fresh vision.


    Working with key stakeholders, we aligned on project goals, audited the existing website, analyzed the site’s performance, created a new information architecture (IA), and crafted a content strategy for the new website. We focused on reframing the site as a platform that allows fans to purchase the products they love or join Ben & Jerry’s social mission by participating in causes they care about.

  • A modern & mobile-first website

    Building off of our new IA and content strategy, we utilized key elements of Ben and Jerry’s brand language to create a modern, mobile-first approach to the new website. Our goal was to balance fun and function while catering to different engagement levels and goals that fans would come to the site to accomplish.


    We convinced our stakeholders to move away from one-off pages and components, instead showing them how a concise and curated system could flex and scale to their many markets. The newly introduced IA, married with this visual system, makes the content-rich site easy to navigate and take quick actions or deeper dives based on fans’ interests. Type optimizations increase readability on mobile, as well as accessibility.


    In addition to a set of key templates, Method created a component library with embedded rules for all the major and minor components Ben & Jerry’s would need across hundreds of pages in multiple markets. This library provides a source of truth for Ben & Jerry’s designers and developers, making it more efficient to create new designs that are consistent and responsive.

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