A new live sports streaming subscription service that aims to disrupt the current market

Perform Group LLC is a leading digital sports content and media group. Their mission is to connect the world of sport by producing the most detailed and engaging content.


DAZN allows viewers to watch games from sport events live and on demand. Sporting traditions and cultural environments vary drastically from one country to another, so one of the primary challenges was to fully understand the target markets.

The goal for the brand language was to fit into the larger Perform Group family and be translated consistently into a compelling viewing experience for very different countries.

Finally, the Method-DAZN design team used an accelerated “make, test and learn” process to define the overall product design direction and express it across multiple platforms in a short time frame. As part of the outcome, the work included a framework for social features allowing viewers to create a community around their favorite sports and teams.

Our design goal was to make every aspect of the experience encouraging and motivational, creating long-lasting relationships between the fans and their teams.

Kate Butchart, Client Services Director

We have seen a revolution in entertainment with the introduction of disruptive brands like Netflix; now it is sport’s turn to be more consumer friendly.

James Rushton, CEO of DAZN


Customer expectations are key

Customer expectations have changed in the media and entertainment industry. Instances of buffering and poor image quality are no longer acceptable. They expect a consistent experience of watching their favorite sports from anywhere in the world, whenever and wherever it suits them.

We need to find the balance between the live event itself, the need for customers to set their own watching schedule, and reinforce the social connections that occur around sports.

We partnered with DAZN to define and meet ambitious product design requirements, ultimately creating a delightful and engaging experience for their audience.

Kate Butchart, Client Services Director, Method