A strategic partnership to refresh the Lush brand and get their colorful story out to the world

Launched in 1994 by six like-minded visionaries, Lush is centered around helping people feel better about themselves, others, and the world around them. It walks the talk when it comes to valuing people and the world in which it operates: a staunch believer in ethical buying, Lush supports charities and actively campaigns on issues it believes in, from animal testing to the environment.

Method’s work with Lush included the creation of Lush.co.uk into an editorially led, fully responsive e-commerce platform; the redesign of Lush Times, the Lush consumer magazine and catalog; and the creation of a new service, Lush Kitchen, where customers can buy the freshest, limited edition products that are sent the day they are made.

The Lush story is rich and inspirational, yet they are often overlooked or dismissed as a “soap shop.” The truth is remarkable: this quintessential British brand is unique in its groundbreaking and visionary approach to how it invents, ethically sources and creates fresh beauty products by hand.

Together, we wanted to show the business in action: why fresh really does matter, why Lush products are effective, and how the company cares. We needed to tell these stories in an engaging entertaining “Lush” way, retaining the fun British energy while adding a slightly more sophisticated tone to the communication to reflect its core values.

2014 UX Awards: SILVER for Best Multichannel Experience

2014 Lovie Awards: BRONZE, Website / Retail and Shopping

2014 Interactive Media Awards: Best in Class E-commerce and Best in Class Beauty/Cosmetics

The site has attracted new audiences with YOY sales up 54%

Lush Kitchen is already contributing to total digital sales by an average of 10%

Increase in engagement

The new @LushLtd magazine is very insightful! Great to understand parabens and how they work. #WhatsInsideCounts

@DiCapuaAlessia, Twitter


Stay true to your brand promise

Our work with Lush highlights the need for businesses to stay true to their brand promise. Not only does it create a more authentic experience, but increases repeat customers, and provides new business opportunities and revenue sources.


Being flexible with how you express your brand is also an essential element to a successful project: Lush was open to stretching the execution of the work beyond the initial scope. This flexibility combined with Method's strategic process opened the door for the new revenue streams so many of our clients seek when they come to us.

I think the kitchen is a really innovative idea. It's something I've never heard or seen done before. It really is the emphasis on freshness, which is what we're all about, fresh handmade cosmetics.

Lush Employee