Cegid is France's leading accounting software provider. With solutions servicing payroll, tax and accountants, Cegid recognized a major unmet user segment: small business owners.

French entrepreneurs lacked a single tool that brought together payments, invoices, and accounting so that they could monitor the financial health of their business in real-time.

Method and Cegid worked closely together to design, build, and launch Cegid Flow: a mobile solution that would deliver new value to entrepreneurs and expand Cegid’s reach from B2B to B2C by unlocking a new and highly sought-after market.


Product Strategy
Business Design
User Experience Design
Visual Design
Data Design
Product Management
Software Development

Defining the value proposition

Understanding Entrepreneurs and Accountants

The French tax system is very complex. We placed small business owners and their accountants at the center of our approach to ensure usability, using a highly collaborative process, by which end-users, both entrepreneurs and accountants, could co-create with our team. This enabled us from the get-go to create a value proposition and prioritize features for the MVP that genuinely catered to unmet needs, and would seamlessly fit into daily business life.

Design-Led Engineering

Our design and engineering teams worked closely with Cegid’s product manager to identify the highest priority features for the application roadmap. We included regular user validation sessions during the design and build process, informing our decisions with real insights. From testing and collaborating in person, to running as a remote and distributed team during the pandemic, we remained focused on maintaining close ties with our client partners and soliciting active user feedback.

A little je-ne-sais-quoi

Meet Cegid Flow

Cegid Flow is the first B2C mobile app for Cegid. We explored several visual directions to establish the striking style of the Cegid Flow app, which takes the existing Cegid brand and pushes it into the future, in a playful way.

The app is organized around a dashboard that provides at a glance all the information the Entrepreneur needs: how much is in the bank, what is owed to them, who they owe; as well as a visual comparison of monthly ingoings and outgoings. From the dashboard, the entrepreneur can then navigate to multiple views of the company’s financial situation.

Implemented on iOS and Android, the application is fully integrated with the CPA’s existing solutions and systems - facilitating improved collaboration between entrepreneurs and their accountants. With Cegid Flow, accountants can now focus on where they bring the most value: advising their clients on the growth of their business.

Built for improvement

Ongoing Insights

To support Cegid Flow’s product strategy for the long term, we captured user-generated behavior via event analytics and created dedicated dashboards that visualize key app usage metrics that were selected in line with user behavioral drivers. This strategy enables Cegid Marketing and Product teams to clearly understand at scale how the Flow app is performing with users, and in turn map these usage metrics to business priorities and product KPIs to inform the product roadmap.

Open for business

Go-To-Market Strategy and Product Marketing

In addition to designing and building the new product, Method helped Cegid with the go-to-market strategy. We worked closely with their marketing, sales, customer service, and product teams to consolidate the core messaging, refine the sales pitch, and create persuasive and impactful sales material and a robust customer service experience.

A microsite empowers sales reps and accountants alike to talk about the solution with their clients through the appropriate language, and facilitates app sign-up and onboarding.

"This app is such a time saver! We’ve been doing all we can to become paper-free! And on top of it, you’re going to make my accountant ecstatic."

Nathalie, Entrepreneur