The content landscape is vast and platforms are changing quickly. With virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, 360-degree video and projection mapping it’s hard to keep up. Are these just a collection of fads or is the future of content immersive? Dave Mason, Creative Director at Wheelhouse Media, discusses why you should care about immersive content and how it is becoming rapidly more available.

Wheelhouse Media is a creative studio focused on original and branded content and products across all media platforms. Wheelhouse works with each client to strategize the optimal content solution, visualize the story of the brand or product, and bring the story to life.

An award-winning director and designer, Dave Mason has been the Creative Director for Wheelhouse Media for 3 years. He has lead the growth and development of Wheelhouse’s motion design studio and has brought motion design into an untapped market.

Dave developed the world’s first ever Virtual Reality (VR) album for the LA based indie band Saint Motel. His project has been a globally recognized immersive content experience and received a nomination for Best VR Experience of 2017, specifically for the work on Saint Motel’s song Sweet Talk.

Dave has also been leading content development for brands such as Mars Wrigley Confectionary, Bank of America, Discovery Place, and the Charlotte Hornets. These projects cover a diverse array of experiences including VR, Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), 360 video, and projection mapping.

Understanding the value immersive content can bring to a brand or product’s story is the force behind all creative experiences developed by Wheelhouse. Dave continues to strive toward originality to ensure his clients’ stories are brought to life in unique, innovative ways.

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