Kubernetes has been a popular technology for quite some time on managing and deploying applications. There are many concepts and techniques to first grasp to fully understand it’s power. In this talk, Rizchel Dayao will give an in depth view of Kubernetes starting from beginner to advanced level.

  • Basics of Kubernetes (Beginner)
  • Deploying an application (Beginner)
  • Helm (Intermediate)
  • Let’s Encrypt (Intermediate)
  • Service Mesh (Advanced)

By the end of this talk, you will have an understanding of the technology and tools to start using Kubernetes and get your applications deployed!

Rizchel started her career at IBM. She worked her way up from being a front-end developer, to a team leader, to a Developer Advocate. In that role, she spoke at conferences and created content about emerging technologies like Kubernetes, serverless computing, and container architecture.

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