Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

Last Updated: 2020-05-08

What are the cookies files?

Cookies files are pieces of information (small text files) that are transferred by the server and stored on your device (usually on your computer’s hard drive) whenever you visit and/or use Method website. They store information on how you use the website.

When you visit Method website, cookies files allow us to recognise your device and you as a returning user and may collect data about the domain name of your Internet service provider, browser type, type of the operating system, IP address, websites you visited, items you have downloaded, as well as operational data or location information about the device you use. Not all of the information collected through cookies is considered personal data under GDPR. However, if you shared your personal data with us in the past, cookies files sometimes can be connected directly with your data, e.g. through connecting id numbers in cookies files with other information related to you, your account and/or work application.

How and for what purpose we use cookies?

We need cookies for our website to work properly, in order to adjust to the way you use it and to collect statistical data. They help us provide you with a good experience when you browse our website and also allow us to improve our site. We also process data collected through cookies to analyse popularity and effectiveness of our services.

We also use cookies in our marketing emails (which you may receive if you have provided us with your consent to contact you in that way) to enable us to review how users interact with our marketing. This helps us tailor it more appropriately and make it more user-friendly.

We assure you that all information collected through cookies files are used by us only for the purposes indicated in this document, and in no case cookies are harmful to you or the device you use, since they do not introduce any configuration changes in it.

To see a detailed description of each cookie we use (including its provider, type and purpose), please click “Show details” on the cookies banner – you can open it at all times clicking here.

How to manage cookies settings?

You can change the way of using cookies files, including completely block or delete them, via your web browser – please refer to the user manual for more information on how to do it. You can also visit for some practical advice.

Remember that disabling or blocking some of the cookies may prevent or significantly impede the proper functioning of our website, for example by slowing it down.

Cookie settings under GDPR

Our EU users, as required under GDPR, can manage consents to different types of cookies files. We provide you with a Cookiebot tool, where you see all types of cookies along with their description and can decide which types of cookies files you accept, and easily change these settings whenever you wish.

Click here to see and manage your cookie preferences under GDPR.

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