The challenge

Since the 1960s, this company has been the go-to footwear brand for skateboarders. Now, their $13 billion+ empire has expanded into jeans, boots, and more to serve a more diverse customer base.

The company’s store stockrooms are organized alphabetically, so whenever a new shipment is delivered, the entire room needs to be shifted. To avoid this inconvenience, associates were putting new boxes on the floor instead of in bays, causing confusion for other associates and creating a poor experience for 30% of customers, who were waiting for shoes.


Experience Design
Proof of Concept
Rapid Prototyping
Innovation Strategy

Strategize, digitize, 

The solution

Our team researched, planned, designed, and prototyped a stockroom management app that saves thousands of hours and millions of dollars each year.

Now, associates can put boxes in any bay rather than reorganizing the stockroom every time a new shoe comes in. They can also use the app to look up any shoe in the system to see it’s availability and location.

We continue to provide support and data analysis to uncover trends and insights that will help the company make even better business decisions.

A new app that saves $20MM/year

The new stockroom management app has already saved the company millions of dollars and will be rolling out to even more stores.

Now that the app is live in 22 stores and counting, associates are saving thousands of hours each year, providing better service to customers, and could increase sales by more than $20 million annually. This is just one of the many smart moves that have helped the company consistently increase annual revenue, with sales jumping 35% in one year alone.