Stellar brings together the most advanced technologies and data science to streamline business aviation for travelers and operators alike, and is the first complete digital marketplace for private aviation – a nearly 60 billion USD industry worldwide.

Stellar, a startup, partnered with Method and GlobalLogic to accelerate time to market. Stellar recognized a rare opportunity for disruption of existing paradigms, addressing a highly fragmented industry sector dominated by phone calls, emails, and human-to-human contact.

The project started with a MVP mobile application that would enable users to quickly search and book private flights, intended to help build momentum for Stellar’s upcoming fundraising round. Through initial user testing, the team realized that an automated operator system would be their key differentiator within the market – connecting consumer demand with flight capacity. The fully-realized ecosystem includes real-time quotations, a secure transaction system, fleet management software, and analytics, with operator systems optimized for white label usage.

The work resulted in a high profile partnership between Stellar and major aviation company Collins Aerospace.


Brand Design
Experience Design
Service Design
Software Engineering

“Working with Method and GlobalLogic gives you tremendous flexibility as a CEO to manage your expenses and deliver the right amount of resources at the right amount of time.”

Paul Touw, CEO, Stellar

Professional luxury


Stellar’s brand faced a big challenge: communicating luxury and convenience, and a need to flex between highly branded and white-label contexts. The ultimate language conveys Stellar’s brand promise of being pleasurable, precise, orchestrated, and intelligent.

Adapting to growing opportunity


Stellar’s industry expertise, paired with ongoing user feedback, allowed for careful curation of the product roadmap and expansion of capabilities.

From the initial mobile app MVP, we prioritized the highest value functionality, including pricing algorithms, fleet scheduling, web-based booking, and direct transacting – the first of its kind for high-value transactions over iOS devices.

Working under one roof

To ensure close collaboration, the Stellar team and GlobalLogic’s Buenos Aires development team spent a significant amount of time working together in Method’s office. Through this close connection, we were able to simultaneously design and develop the three components of the project.