Unifying many products under a common brand and interface to facilitate a shift to the cloud and a subscription based model.

With over 100 years supporting the aviation industry, FlightGlobal (a division of Reed Business Information) helps aviation related businesses drive growth, assess risk and improve efficiency. Leveraging their unique combination of expertise, technology, and databases, FlightGlobal delivers the most complete set of data, analytics, online tools, news and analysis, as well as expert opinion, to the aviation market.

FlightGlobal has a prestigious publishing history. Historically serving a wide market, their portfolio includes a wide range of platforms targeted to different sectors. To meet the needs of the current marketplace, FlightGlobal targeted a shift to a subscription model, reliant on a common cloud-based platform with adaptive capabilities to each user type.

The new live platform, accessible via a common URL and brand, enables customers to search across news, company, fleet, and network data through a seamless online experience.

The interface eliminates content silos in the user journey, allowing the user to explore the full depth and breadth of the available data. working closely with the Flightglobal technology team, we developed a high performance search tool based on a new data schema specifically designed with the new product in mind. A centralized search allows customers to quickly navigate across their datasets and find opportunities in the news.

We also created a generative brand using the data itself. Leveraged throughout the platform, new forms of visualization are both functional and beautiful. A new article enrichment feature enables customers to view airport, airline, and maintenance company profile data within an article without leaving their reading experience.

The platform had to be simple, functional, and practical, and clearly communicate information to the user. Together FlightGlobal and Method created, tested, and launched a successful consolidated subscription platform.

After launch 100% of customers migrated to the new version within 6 months

16% increase in New Business

2% increase in Retention Rate

The product has been really well received by Flightglobal’s clients. It took us only two-thirds of the time we expected for customers to migrate to the new product. We have seen an overall increase in usage and the feedback we are getting tells us that clients find the new product both informative and intuitive.