Flightglobal is a global aviation news and data service provider, with a prestigious history in aviation magazine publishing. Leveraging their unique combination of expertise, technology, and databases, Flightglobal delivers the most complete set of data, analytics, online tools, news, and analysis, as well as expert opinion, to the aviation market.

In line with their parent company’s strategy, they have been transforming themselves into a data business based on renewable subscription revenue.

Flightglobal initially approached Method to create a product vision prototype for the Paris Air Show, marking the start of a relationship aimed at envisioning their larger brand ambition. The business had acquired three companies to complement their aviation news content, adding information related to fleets, networks, financial values, and aviation company data.

Over the course of two years, in partnership we created a proprietary aviation cloud-based data platform in the form of a seamlessly connected customer experience. The platform serves interested parties through aviation news (“the Dashboard”) and customizable insights tied to the functional role of the individual, from finance & leasing, to insurance, to airports and airlines (“the Analyzer”).

In the first year, the new Flightglobal achieved:

  • 16% increase in new business

  • 2% increase in retention rate


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“The product has been really well received by Flightglobal’s clients. It took us only two-thirds of the time we expected for customers to migrate to the new product. We have seen an overall increase in usage and the feedback we are getting tells us that clients find the new product both informative and intuitive.”

Matt Colling, Head of Product, Flightglobal

Data-fueled branding


A branding work-stream started with the aim of considering how to consolidate multiple digital and non-digital acquisitions under one identity. A key milestone in this process was the creation of a generative brand language that uses FlightGlobal’s data as part of their identity. Leveraged throughout the platform, new forms of visualization are both functional and beautiful.

A new interface takes flight

Getting to the end solution required approaching challenges such as shaping what a FlightGlobal software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering might look like, clarifying target audience personas, considering how to consolidate multiple digital and non-digital data platforms and sources, exploring how to visualize data, and solving how to target different customer segments through a common user interface.

The new platform, accessible via a common URL and brand, enables customers to search across news, company, fleet, and network data through a seamless online experience. The user interface eliminates content silos in the user journey, allowing the user to explore the full depth and breadth of the available data. Working closely with the FlightGlobal technology team, we developed a high performance search tool based on a new data schema specifically designed with the new product in mind.