An exploratory project looking into a digitized food system and its impact on business, people and planet

Our world population is approaching ten billion. An increasing demand on our food system has created an imbalance between our available resources and our capacity to meet them. We see an opportunity to investigate a new agricultural and food supply system – one that is powered by data and digital technology.

Connected Food is an exploratory project using design to interrogate the future of a digitally-enabled food system.

As our first Connected Food initiative, we’ve built a Personal Food Computer (PFC) – based on MIT OpenAg’s™ research. It’s a tabletop-sized, agriculture technology platform that uses sensors and actuators to control and monitor climate, energy, and plant growth inside of a specialized growing chamber. Each PFC learns from the greater network using ‘Climate Recipes’ that express certain qualities of a crop based on environmental conditions. It’s a proof of concept that explores a future where farming is hyperlocal, uses less resources, and can be optimised by data and automation.

We built the Method PFC using up-cycled and modular components, extending MIT OpenAg’s work to be more accessible to a larger group.

The Method PFC is currently on display as a part of a major new exhibition, AI: More than Human, at the Barbican London. Book your viewing here.

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The Method PFC is being featured as a part of the AI: More Than Human exhibition until August 26.
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