An expansive vision for modern security through biometric identification

CLEAR is a biometric identification company creating a more seamless and secure future, one customer, one experience at a time.

Already a leader in air travel security, CLEAR was at a pivotal moment of platform growth and diversification. To expand into new arenas, they needed a fresh brand story, identity, website, and kiosk design to position them towards a bigger future.

A key challenge was to deftly balance both the consumer and enterprise portions of their business. Method pivoted with the CLEAR team during the engagement as their network brokered significant expansion with new airline and airport partnerships.

Method closely collaborated with the CLEAR team on a new brand positioning, holistically articulating a more far-reaching ambition for revolutionizing the security experience for every type of customer.

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CLEAR has been used over 2 million times, saving customers more than 60 million minutes

Recognized by Fast Company as one of the Most Innovative Companies, 2018

Increase from 190,000 inherited subscribers to more than one million subscribers

I have never seen a brand more unanimously loved after a change. From Caryn and the leadership team to our 500 ambassadors around the country, it has received rave reviews. You guys nailed it.

Joshua Jacobson, SVP of Brand and Strategy


Positioning and voice

With the right positioning and voice, an experience which was previously oppressive and time consuming can become refreshingly convenient, even delightful.

Flexible brand language

A single brand language flexing in tone accommodates diverse stakeholder needs across a spectrum of scales and settings—by expressing the same underlying balance of values a brand can serve both a sports fan on game day and a senior member of airport security equally well. A brand can live across digital and physical aspects of a larger service experience and provide a thread of coherence by serving a functional role at defining moments.

Our close collaboration with the Clear team made a huge impact on the success of the project, and helped provide a foundation for our work which will serve them for years to come.

Steve Wake, Executive Creative Director, Method