Launched in 1959, Blick was Switzerland’s first tabloid publication, and today is one of the country’s most popular - and boldest - daily newspapers.

Blick’s core readership relies on the print edition, with politics, sport and celebrity news as the central offering. Aware that digital adoption was low, Blick sought to redefine the digital offering through a data-informed strategy, ensuring expansion into broader channels delivered maximum business impact.

Launched in January 2018, Blick.com features a fresh new look, respecting the tabloid heritage but optimized for a wider range of content types and storytelling modes. A templated component approach streamlines the publishing process, and offers a wide range of content-driven advertising solutions. Novel features leverage technology, building an experience that transcends the print medium.


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“In any project of this magnitude, competing stakeholders and opinions will make the journey incredibly difficult. Method's experience and vision helped us navigate these waters successfully. We were left with a great foundation... the new way forward and a necessary recipe for future success.”

Juan Fernando Barón, Chief Digital Officer, Publishing, Ringier AG

Using data to understand the market opportunity


Focus on existing core readers or acquisition of new audiences? The executive team had a range of divergent opinions. As a first step, we conducted an analysis of the commercial risks and benefits of several product/editorial strategies. 

The insights showed that the investment required to win new audience loyalty of significant size would be a multi-year proposition, with legitimate risk of alienating existing readers. As a result, our recommendation was to craft a digital strategy that delivers and builds upon the qualities that users love most about Blick. 

Politics, sport, and celebrity remain perennial popular - but a common visual style often prevented users from distinguishing editorial from breaking news. A new templating system allowed for bold treatment of entertainment content, with a professional-leaning style for economics, politics, and world events.

Unbound by the limitations of daily publication, the platform also introduces a wide range of new formats.

Curated collections (“Quick Blick”) allow for easy discovery, timeline-based stories capture emerging narratives, and longer form permanent collections support travel and other popular topics. In keeping with Blick’s playful spirit, a “happy mode” filters content to deliver delight. The resulting responsive website and native app respects the master brand, and advances the Ringier Group’s data strategy.