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Last Updated: September 2019

This Privacy Policy explains rules applicable to the processing of personal data by the companies of GlobalLogic group (including Method Inc., hereinafter: GlobalLogic) in business, commercial and marketing relations. This Policy describes GlobalLogic group, explains why and how companies from the group process your personal data, what rights you have in relation to the processing of your personal data, and how you can contact us.

I. Glossary – basic concepts

Personal data – all information related to you that we process. For example first name, last name, e-mail address, telephone number, information about your professional experience, etc.

Processing – all activities performed relating to your personal data. For example: collecting, retaining, updating, sending messages to you, deleting data.

GDPR – Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation).

II. Information about GlobalLogic – the data controller

This information applies to companies of the GlobalLogic group. The list of the companies along with their contact details is provided at the end of this document. Notwithstanding, please remember that you can contact us anytime at

As a rule, each of the companies independently decides about the purposes and methods of personal data processing, which means that each of them is a separate data controller – depending on which company you contact, conclude a contract with, run business relations with etc., this company, usually, will be the data controller of your personal data. 

It may also happen that a particular company performs activities for another company from the GlobalLogic group, e.g. related to marketing – in this case, the company that performs such activities does not become the data controller of your personal data, but processes it on the basis of a data processing agreement concluded with the data controller.

III. What personal data do we gather? What is the purpose and legal basis of processing?

We can process your personal data in the following situations: Therefore, your personal data can be processed: The scope of personal data we process depends on the information that is vital for a given relationship When GlobalLogic is processing your personal data in conjunction with a contract that is being concluded with you, the legal basis for such processing will then be Art. 6(1)(b) GDPR (it is necessary for the performance of a contract or in order to take steps at the request of the data subject prior to entering into a contract).

If you are contacting us on your own behalf, for example, you have given us your business card with a request to send you particular information, we process your data in order to respond to your query and for the purpose of further correspondence/ contact in this matter. The legal basis for the processing of your personal data in accordance with this purpose will be your consent (Art. 6(1)(a) GDPR).

If you are acting on behalf of our client, supplier, or another entity, we process your data in the context in which you are acting in the name of the third party, as well as for the conclusion and/or processing of a contract with that third party and/or carry out a joint project. The legal basis for processing of your personal data in accordance with this purpose will be our legitimate interest (Art. 6(1)(f) GDPR) – building and maintaining relations with the third party in whose name you are acting, including the conclusion and performance of relevant contracts with that party, as well as the intention of building a positive image of GlobalLogic.

Regardless of the foregoing, your personal data, that is, in particular, your first name and last name, as well as correspondence address and/or e-mail address, can be used by us in order to contact you from time to time (for example, to say thank you, send holiday season greetings, or to promote GlobalLogic’s services). The legal basis for the processing of your personal data in accordance with this purpose will be our legitimate interest (Art. 6(1)(f) GDPR) – maintaining relations, building a positive image of GlobalLogic and marketing of GlobalLogic’s products and services.

Additionally, with regard to the processing of your personal data in order to: When you use our website, we may process the following data: We process that data for the purpose of proper management of our website, to improve its performance, ensure its security, adapt its content to your preferences. In addition, we gather this data for internal purposes, including resolving issues, conducting data analyses, testing, research, statistics, and for survey purposes. The legal basis of our activities is your consent, except for cases when the use of such data is essential for the functioning of our website (electronic provision of a service to you within that scope); in such cases the legal basis will be our legitimate interest (Art. 6(1)(f) GDPR). Full information about the types, mode and rules of our use of cookies and their role in the processing of personal data can be found under „Rules for the use of cookies” available at submission of personal data is voluntary, but sometimes it may be necessary for purposes related to our cooperation, e.g. to conclude or execute a contract, to respond to your query or to communicate with you. This means that failure to provide some data may constitute grounds for refusal to enter into cooperation.

IV. Your image

From time to time GlobalLogic may organize a promotional event, e.g. a conference, fairs, lecture (“Event”), which you may attend e.g. as a guest, speaker, host, etc. (“Participant”). Events are usually recorded on videos or photographs, therefore your image, including voice (e.g. comment/ speech) (“Image”) may be recorded and used in materials informing about the Event and for promotional purposes of GlobalLogic. 

To the extent permissible by law, where for the above activities of GlobalLogic the applicable law requires a consent of the person whose image has been recorded, participation in the Event is equivalent to each Participant granting free of charge consent to the use and multiple dissemination – without limitations in terms of territory, medium, time and number of copies – of their Image recorded during the Event on photographs or in audio-visual materials by GlobalLogic or third parties acting on its behalf, for informational and promotional purposes of GlobalLogic or entities from GlobalLogic group (“Authorization”). The Authorization is given voluntarily and may be revoked at any time.

The use and dissemination of the Image will consist, without limitations, of its publication in the original form or in a processed form (i.e. edited), including on the website of GlobalLogic, entities from the GlobalLogic group, GlobalLogic’s partners, on the intranet, in social media (Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, LinkedIn, etc.), sending via e-mail, newsletter, use in public speeches, on conferences, fairs, in a way allowing it to be seen by a group of people not specified in advance. 

This Authorization covers multiplication of the Image with any currently available techniques and methods, on any image and/or sound storage devices, including saving in computer memory, IT networks, as well as selling, lending or leasing copies of recorded materials. It also covers authorisation to use various types of electronic image processing, framing and composition, to combine Image with images of other people, add text and/or graphics to the Image (including Participant's name and surname), at the discretion of GlobalLogic – without an obligation to accept final product, however, not in a form that may be offensive or is generally deemed to be unethical.

Whenever your Image can be qualified as personal data we will process it as the data controller, based on our legitimate interests (Art. 6(1)(f) GDPR), in compliance with this Privacy Policy, and the rules determined by applicable laws and regulations in relation to publication of a photo or a video report from the Event in which you have participated – for the purposes of GlobalLogic promotion among current and potential employees, associates and business partners.

We will process your Image until you object to processing or withdraw the Authorization, however, due to the planned dissemination of photo/video, your Image may be available in the mediums such as the Internet for an indefinite period of time, and the group of recipients of your Image is therefore unlimited.

V. Duration of retention of your personal data

We will process your personal data only at a time necessary for the purposes for which it was initially collected. After that time, it will be deleted or archived, except for cases in which we are obliged to further processing of such data to meet legal obligations.

As a rule, personal data:

VI. Who has access to your personal data?

Your personal data will only be accessed by duly authorized GlobalLogic employees or associates, advisors or auditors, as well as subcontractors or providers of solutions/ services – to the extent necessary to perform their duties.

We are a global company, which means that some companies from the GlobalLogic group are located outside the European Economic Area (EEA). In each case of data transmission outside the EEA, we apply all required safeguards, including standard data protection clauses adopted pursuant to decisions of the European Commission. Where it is necessary, we also endeavor to ensure that our partners are covered by appropriate programs such as Privacy Shield. Additionally, in order to protect personal data, both when sending and after receiving it, we apply generally accepted standards. You can obtain a copy of the security measures we apply for the transfer of personal data to third countries by contacting us at

Notwithstanding the foregoing, your personal data may be disclosed to a potential seller or buyer in the event of sale or purchase of any GlobalLogic group company or its assets, subject to the terms of this Privacy policy (this data will become one of the transferred assets).

GlobalLogic may also be required - if there is a legal basis to do so - to provide certain information to public authorities for the purposes of their investigations.

VII. Your rights related to the processing of your personal data 

For the effective exercise of your rights, please send any requests to the e-mail address from the contact address you have provided, along with the title “GDPR Request.”, and in the e-mail, please specify which right(s) it is you wish to invoke. Please note that the instructions given in the preceding sentence are only a recommendation, not a requirement. You have the following rights:

VII.1. Access to your personal data – you may ask us at any time to provide detailed information regarding: You can also receive access to all of your personal data that we are processing (data copy).

VII.2. Data rectification – if information about you is or has become inaccurate or incomplete, you have the right to demand that data is rectified or made complete. 

VII.3. Revocation of consent – you can revoke your consent to the processing of your personal data at any time (if it was given), without affecting the legality of processing performed prior to such revocation.

VII.4. Erasure of data – in certain situations, GDPR gives you the “right to be forgotten.” You can invoke this right if we are still processing your personal data, particularly in the following cases: VII.5. Restriction of processing - you can demand that we limit our activities in principle only to storing information about you when: VII.6. Data portability – you have the right to receive your data in a commonly-used format that can be read by a computer, and also to have your data sent to another data controller, if:  VII.7. Objection – you have the right to object to some operations we perform on your personal data for special reasons related to your personal situation, particularly in the following cases:  Remember, however, that when in spite of your objection we conclude that there are important, legitimate grounds for processing that override your interests, rights and freedoms, or the basis for establishing, pursuing or defending claims, we will continue to process your personal data encompassed by the objection to the extent necessary. If you disagree with such an assessment of the situation, you can exercise your right to file a complaint with the relevant public authority (more information below).

VII.8. Complaints to the relevant public authority - in connection with our actions as the controller of your personal data, you have the right to file a complaint to the relevant data protection authority. You can find a list of local authorities responsible for data protection across the EU and their contact details at: course, we encourage you to first contact us at

VIII. List of companies of the GlobalLogic group, including their contact details and information regarding data protection officer, if applicable

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