As climate change takes center stage around the globe, solar energy is gaining more attention and popularity. In the U.S. alone, there were 24 500-year climate events from 2010-2017, and NASA predicts the temperature increases in coming years will spark even more disease, famine, pollution, and pollen. Rising temperatures are also causing a spike in electricity demand and, subsequently, higher utility prices – which is why solar energy presents such a prime opportunity.

In this Tech Talk, CEO of Sunlight Financial Matt Potere discusses key solar trends, new technologies, and why access to capital is saving homeowners money and driving rooftop solar adoption. He describes how quickly solar demand and jobs are growing, driven by the combination of increasing retail electricity rates and decreasing solar costs. Potere also shares surprising trends, such as the regions where solar energy is most popular in the U.S. (not necessarily where you would think!) and how the traditional leasing model for solar panels is rapidly shifting to ownership as manufacturing prices come down and incentives go up.

Watch Potere’s Tech Talk above to learn more about the trends and technology driving the rooftop solar revolution. (If you’re in the Charlotte area, check out our events page for upcoming talks.)