Enterprise digital enablement and transformation are on the minds of most business leaders these days. However, there seems to be a lot standing in the way of success…or even getting started in some cases.

In his talk, Jason Antonic, who leads digital strategy and UX for the YMCA of Greater Charlotte and brings close to two decades worth of experience working with fortune 500 firms, shared his take on why seemingly great projects fail to get off the ground.

From the complexity of polysystemic operations, regulatory burdens, lack of feasibility criteria – to basic human issues, such as fear and ignorance, he illustrates through a cross-section of real world examples and stories, ways in which business leaders can confront and overcome these challenges. By performing cost-benefit analysis, leveraging data, and eliminating risk through prototyping concepts — business can cost-effectively validate ideas before committing resources and capital.

Jason also talk about the rise of automation and concerns of human versus system in the workplace. He asserts that as technology continues to inadvertently reshape work, the key will be, “finding the balance between system and human capital…”.