The impact of Science and Technology on every aspect of our world is inescapable. With only 25% of working women in the STEM workforce, women are underrepresented in the critical work of building the future. Research has shown that boys and girls perform equally in math at the elementary level, but by age 12, girls begin to lose interest in math and sciences. What are the key factors that drive this loss of interest? How do girls perceive STEM and can their perceptions be changed? What can individuals and corporations do to increase the female talent pipeline for STEM? Abi shares current research and discusses effective contributions we can all make to engage girls in STEM and sustain their participation over the long term.

Abi Olukeye is the founder of Smart Girls HQ, an organization focused on increasing female participation in the STEM pipeline along the K to 12 learning path. Abi brings her personal experiences as a woman in Technology to her work. Mostly recently, she led IOT strategy development and digital transformation projects at a diversified manufacturing company. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Virginia Tech and MBA from Indiana University. She has two young daughters of her own who greatly inspire her to create pathways for girls to succeed at STEM.

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