The consumer understanding we have now is unparalleled—neuroscience has made leaps and bounds in their discoveries over the past 10 years, we’ve got mindstates, behavioral science, System 1 and 2, and more than ever we better understand how and why consumers make decisions. And boy do we have analytics! We’re doing more cool stuff with data than ever before with so many new companies entering this field. This should be the golden age of insights.

Brett Townsend, Head of North America Insights at Electrolux, shares the foundational concepts necessary to capitalize on the strategic possibilities and vision that consumer insights can provide.

Brett and his team provide transformative consumer insight, consumer experience and usability, and trends & marketplace understanding to drive business decisions related to new product innovation and development, brand building and consumer-facing communication, strategic planning, and in-store sales, retail customer relationships, and merchandising programs. Prior to Electrolux, he worked for almost a decade in various domestic and global insights roles for PepsiCo as well as consulted Fortune 500 companies in marketing and consumer insights. He started his career in TV/Radio sports broadcasting and was General Manager for a professional volleyball franchise in Hawaii.

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