Senior Product Designer (Visual)

  • Commitment: Full-time
  • Location: New York
  • Team: Design
As a Senior Product Designer at Method your role is to collaborate with and support design leadership and multidisciplinary teams to define and drive project vision forward. While your skills extend across different areas, your strength lies in raising the standards for emotive interface design, pragmatic micro-interactions, and innovative visual expressions for global brands. In this role, you will break down complex problems and bring them to life through constant collaboration, iteration, and validation.

What you can expect to do here:

  • Design digital solutions with different disciplines in a highly collaborative environment
  • We thrive on being challenged. You will get to implement innovative solutions to simplify complex problems in a variety of sectors
  • Collaborate on and influence the different stages of a digital product—this includes shaping project scope, contributing to internal and external strategy, and conducting research. You will also take ownership of your area of expertise to elevate the project vision and carry it forward to launch
  • Directly impact studio culture. We are a fairly small team and we like to build relationships inside and outside of the studio

What you bring to the role:

  • Experience designing and launching digital products. Your portfolio should reflect an exceptional foundation of design principles and how they translate to digital mediums
  • Making-as-thinking approach—rapid iteration through sketching, prototyping, and testing should feel like second nature
  • A strong understanding of visual systems, interaction patterns, and established user behaviors. You know the rules and when to break them to better serve the user
  • High standards for visual craft—this includes UI expression, motions studies, and development ready files
  • A unique point of view. You are trusted to question approaches, processes, and strategy to better serve the teamCuriosity in digital experiences as a whole: research, testing, and new technologies
Cultural Fit
We seek patient and friendly individuals who are smart, curious and opinionated. Individuals who have the ability to be fast learners and develop points of-view for a constantly changing product and service development landscape. We seek those that have the ability to listen, to see value in other opinions, and who are able to collaborate respectfully and effectively. At senior level, we look for leaders who can take direction as well as give it; who can lead projects as well as get their hands dirty as needed.

If you are a curious individual that believes better experiences shape a better world, we’d like to hear from you.

If you are a curious individual that believes better experiences shape a better world, we’d like to hear from you.