Director of Design Technology

  • Commitment: Full-time
  • Location: New York
  • Team: Design Technology
About Method
Method is an international strategic design agency with offices in London and New York.
We solve business challenges through design thinking and create new products, services, and brand experiences. Method has enabled hundreds of businesses to outperform competitors through the creation of unified branding and communications, compelling user experiences, and smart, differentiated products and services across every consumer touch point: digital and within physical and immersive environments.

We work in an interdisciplinary manner, with technology represented from the very beginning of the conversation with the client, and where clients are invited to participate with us in a very transparent and co-creative process.  

Design Technology Practice
At Method, technology is a core component of experience design strategy, innovation and craft.
As Design Technologists, we are first and foremost designers with a focus on people and technology interaction. We explore what is possible through technology, communicate this and inspire the rest of the team and act as a champion for the application of technology.
Core to what we do is understand users needs and their problems, then we apply the appropriate technology to solve their problems. We believe in a user centred technology approach, where the technology supports the experience for the user.

Method New York is seeking a Design Technology Director reporting into the Executive Director of Design Technology in London.

We are looking for someone to help drive strategy and business development across themes including IOT, Artificial Intelligence, big data, blockchain and other new and emerging technologies and platforms, as well as tablet and mobile devices.

Core Competencies
We want this person to be a hands-on “maker-manager” with an ability to work collaboratively with our team to create world-class experiences and utilities for clients ranging from startups to the largest companies in each industry and work with our parent company GlobalLogic and other internal and external technology suppliers, on end to end design and implementation engagements.

Our ideal candidate is someone who is passionate about design and emerging technologies; constantly looking to improve upon or enrich a finely crafted product through technology. We expect them to have at least 10 years experience working in a creative, agency or product company, the last 5 in a management position. The Responsibilities of the director of design technology are:

Team Building

  • Provide hands-on leadership for the design technology team and project teams.
  • Nurture a positive design technology team dynamic and provide hands-on support to team members.
  • Work with project management to successfully deliver projects with on-shore/off-shore teams.


  • Appetite for favouring functional demos over presentations and essays.
  • Curious and passionate about emerging technologies  (e.g. XR, Conversational/Voice User Interfaces, Creative AI / Generative Design, Data Visualisation, Anticipatory Computing, Blockchain)  and how they can be applied to make the user experience more seamless, natural and integrated in our physical lives.
  • Identify and pursue opportunities in emerging technologies through hands-on exploration (functional demos) and communicating the findings through public facing mediums such to demonstrate thought-leadership and act as a catalyst to start conversations with potential clients.


  • Building prototypes and proof-of-concepts for the purposes of a defining and testing solutions.
  • Build tools and systems that empower designers to move quicker and design smarter.
  • Identify opportunities for GlobalLogic to engage in prototyping with the Method team.


  • Communicating and coaching technical and non-technical audiences on opportunities in design and technology.
  • Facilitating workshops with clients.


  • Experience in building and managing onshore and offshore design and technology teams.
  • Experience with Iterative, Lean and Agile Methodologies in a design and product development context.
Designers  at Method are curious, empathetic, rigorous, experimental and  appreciate a holistic way of solving client challenges in collaborative  teams through rapid prototyping. Method’s culture is a meritocracy in which small project teams collaborate across multiple disciplines and,  in many cases, across studios and time zones. We seek thoughtful and friendly individuals who are smart, curious, well informed, and opinionated; individuals who have the ability to proactively develop  points of view across categories for an ever-changing product and service development environment. Method is fundamentally a collaborative studio and seek those that have the ability to listen, consider other  opinions, and who are able to work well with others. At senior levels, we seek Managers who can take direction as well as give it—who can lead projects as well as produce design solutions as needed.
If you are a curious individual that believes better experiences shape a better world, we’d like to hear from you.

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If you are a curious individual that believes better experiences shape a better world, we’d like to hear from you.