Introduction & Background

About the Author

Dr. Vanina Delobelle is a leader in innovation and digital transformation. She has led digital transformation efforts in small organizations and large companies, such as Sears and Dick’s Sporting Goods. At Method, she works with organizations including Synchrony Financial and The Fresh Market on large digital transformation initiatives. In her 15 years of experience, she has been instrumental in defining organizations’ customer-centric strategies and leading them beyond static implementation to continuously grow their businesses through digital marketing and data. She is proficient in technology, digital marketing, and data, the perfect combination for a successful digital transformation leader. Always a step ahead, she led the way for strategic implementation of social media, social commerce, social recommendations, artificial intelligence, IoT in stores, VR commerce, and more. She has also built several innovative companies. Dr. Delobelle holds a Ph.D. in Internet Technologies from the University Pascal Paoli in France and an MBA from France’s Institut Supérieur du Commerce de Parie. Her forward-thinking thesis has been referenced multiple times across the world. Dr. Delobelle has taught at several universities and is a speaker about digital transformation.