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About the Author

Cat Carter is a well-rounded leader with over 20 years of experience in product management, branding and marketing, and program management. She has supported large and small companies in launch, growth, and transition stages, defining actionable strategies and bridging the common gap between idea and execution. As a corporate veteran and entrepreneur that has spent time in financial services, hospitality, retail, and government, she can bring fresh thinking to the challenges that leaders in any industry tend to face.

In her role as a Principal Product Strategist at Method, she provides solution-oriented, customer-centric guidance for Financial Services clients across a wide range of initiatives—from launching a new digital bank to defining a strategic roadmap for modernizing internal communications. Cat enjoys working with teams to create a common language, fill in the blanks, and connect the dots in order to get to that “breakthrough” moment. She is also a freelance writer and jigsaw puzzle enthusiast.

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