Patrick Newbery

Chief Strategy Officer


Patrick was a key member of the founding team that defined the vision for Method and has been involved with the company since its inception. Patrick has been connected with many aspects of the business, including business development, brand and business strategy, customer engagement strategy, product and service innovation as well as directing creative teams in the development of digital and analog design projects.

Patrick has led strategic engagements or a diverse range of companies and industries. He has helped clients understand the value of delivering positive brand experiences across every touch point and throughout the customer lifecycle and worked with both clients and designers to explore how design functions as an enabler for value creation.

Patrick co-authored “Experience Design: A Framework for Integrating Brand, Experience, and Value” (2013, Wiley & Sons) with former Method CEO and co-founder, Kevin Farnham. In this book, the basic design philosophy developed at and practiced by Method was presented to the broader audience of design service buyers and practitioners as a basis for how design creates value in a service-based economy in which the pace of technological change was constant or accelerating.

Since 2014, Patrick has been playing a dual role of Method CSO and leading the Digital Practice for GlobalLogic (acquired Method in 2011) as the Chief Digital Officer working with global businesses to help them understand how design and technology are reshaping their world. In this capacity, he works with executives to explore what this means for their businesses as they transform themselves to become more competitive in an age where software is at the heart of the modern value chain and mediates customer experiences and engagement.

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