Brett Macfarlane

Client Services Director

Brett is the Client Services Director for our EVRY Strategic Design Lab partnership. He is a strategically minded business leader trained with a holistic and innovative mindset to build brands and products. His experience leading global brands at top ranked creative firms provides a valuable depth of experience across mediums, markets and industries.

Brett has received over 200 creative and effectiveness awards focused on outcomes, behavior and relationships. His experience in innovation led engagements for Barclays, American Express and Jaguar Land Rover are complimented by
transformation and brand strategy leadership for Visa Europe, Bayer and Unilever, including collaborations with Hollywood A-Listers, Interpol, the World’s fastest man and Fred Flintstone.

Born in Vancouver, a rare fourth generation Vancouverite of Scottish ancestry, Brett has competed internationally for Canada in Alpine Skiing, and studied economics in the US at Whitman College on an academic and athletic scholarship. He is the founder of the conference and storytelling platform Interesting Vancouver, is a startup investor and mentor, and in his free time is an avid runner, biker, skier and gastronome.

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