Alexander Grünsteidl

Interaction Design Director

Alexander leads the Interaction Design team of Method in London. His expertise in understanding and creating the complete product ranges from uncovering user needs, crafting interface behaviors, and managing usability requirements, to formulating the underlying business models and how the product is sold on the shop floor. With his team, he strives to create expressive, yet simple customer stories, and through incorporating the interactions with both product and service touch-points to create continuous, memorable brand experiences. Alexander makes the intangible, tangible.

Prior to joining Method, Alexander worked for Apple Research Labs, prototyping innovative interfaces for early mobile digital devices, before moving back to London where he led the Interaction Design group at IDEO London on a wide range of strategic and tactical projects in medical, automotive, white-goods and consumer electronics industries for companies like T-Mobile, Bayer, Shell, Varian, Olivetti, Beeline and Merloni. At Digital Wellbeing Labs he has been developing alternative retail concepts, bringing together e-commerce and high street locations.

Alexander is passionate about making music, ranging from avant-garde to playing classical violin, and likes experimenting in the kitchen.